‘the flower of novembre’ exhibition by fabio novembre

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instructions for the use of ‘revolutions per hour’ sofa, made by cappellini

‘the flower of novembre’ exhibition by fabio novembre

Her Comfort by Fabio Novembre

Ever since the final project in 3-D art course in college, where we had to create a chair of our own, I’ve been mesmerized and followed by the different and unique forms of chairs that are and continue to be created. Unfortunately a photo of my chair was destroyed in one of the burnt down external hard-drives, but here’s an example that came very close. The Her chair designed by Fabio Novembre for Casamania goes above and beyond my interpretation. Something tells me he had much more diversity in material and technology to form something so Cœcurvaceous. Great conversation starter for bars and lounges!

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Her Chair by Fabio Novembre

Frame Magazine has published a series of 6 up to now previews of the Milan Furniture Fair 2008. One of the most ionteresting new products seems to be the new chair Her by Fabio Novembre. As they say, Fabio Novembre once more shows his obsession for the female body. Yet there is a male version on its way, called Him. Her is made from polyethylene, available in black and white and suitable for in- and outdoors.

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Air Lounge System by Fabio Novembre

Air Lounge System by Fabio Novembre for Meritalia

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