Chair With a Wedding Dress by Florence Doléac

Paris based Florence Doléac has dressed a chair with a poetic felt wedding dress made entirely by hand. She was inspired by an old tradition in Kyrchyzstan: The mother gives her daughter at her wedding a carpet of felt. Each stitch represents a day of happiness for the new couple. Florence’s dress has an infinite number of points that intertwine like long hair. The title for this object is “La Chaise Mise en Nu”. I would translate it as “The Chair Exhibited in its Bare Existence (or Meaning)”.

Date: 2002

Materials: felt wool rope leash

Design: Doléac Florence – Paris, France

Slow Design: Limited edition of 30 copies, parts made locally, recycled materials (felt) and natural (wool), heat, poetry, softness, and praised the couple’s daily happiness.