Doodle Sofa by Front Design and CVDLAB

Doodle Sofa by Front and CVDLAB for Moroso.

Why Front and CVDLAB? Front was founded by 3 ladies: Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken and Anna Lindgren. Charlotte van der Lancken stopped in 2015 as partner of Front and has now her own designstudio CVDLAB. Aparently Doodle was designed when the three were still together.

We doodle absent mindedly – doodling is a kind of half-conscious creative work. It is both a distraction, and also thought to help you concentrate on whatever you are doing at the same time. All three members of Front used doodles they had made during design meetings to create the sofa’s pattern. The decoration is a kind of by-product of Front’s creative process, inscribed onto the folded half circle of the sofa’s form

Chair N.0 by Front for GTV (Gebrueder Thonet Vienna)

If you create an armrest as a huge Zero, it is only logical to name the Chair Zero or N.0.

This is what Front did for GTV (Gebrueder Thonet Vienna)

The N.0 chair by Front is a design that reveals a new concept of elegance that harnesses the expressive power of GTV’s distinctive hallmarks: bent wood and Vienna straw. The Swedish duo reinterpret the two elements with a contemporary flair, enhancing their features and aesthetics by using the circle as a geometric motif in the backrest, seat and armrest. This feminine, eclectic chair is suspended in time. It plays on the simple forms and proportions of the bent beech wood design, with woven cane or technical mesh on the backrest and a charming single armrest on one side.

I have a feeling the GTV website is created by a native Italian speaking person….I would call the webbing of the seat cane rather than straw, but who am I a native Dutch speaking person…..

Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren are the members of the Swedish design studio Front. Their works are based on common discussions, explorations and experiments and they collaborate in all projects from initial ideas to the final product. Front’s design objects often communicate a story to the observer about the design process, about the material it is made of or about conventions within the design field. In their work they have assigned part of the making of design to animals, computers or machines. They have made a constantly changing interior, created objects with explosions, robotic furniture and a range of furniture inspired by their fascination with magic.


Faux Wooden Sofa by Front Design

Faux Wooden Sofa

Faux Wooden Sofa

When I posted Wooden Bench in front of The Nordic Light Hotel in 2008 I wasn’t aware that in fact it was a Faux Wooden Sofa, until I read this blogpost of D E C E P T O L O G Y:….It was a sofa designed by Front Design for Moroso. However it was not made of wood at all. Its upholstery was a faux wooden print. Cleverly decepted!

The same deception as with the faux marble chair by Maurizio Galante.

About Design Front

As the 3 ladies of Design Front, Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken (until 2015) and Anna Lindgren based in Stockholm, are so kind as to have their group photo available at their website. I feature “Das Dreimäderlhaus” with pleasure – also in our category Chairchez La Femme in the sense of “Look which ladies design the chair”;-)

Wooden Bench in front of the Nordic Light Hotel

Stockholm Furniture Fair 08: Wooden Bench by Front Design  at the Nordic Light hotel.

via designboom.