Faux Wooden Sofa by Front Design

Faux Wooden Sofa

Faux Wooden Sofa

When I posted Wooden Bench in front of The Nordic Light Hotel in 2008 I wasn’t aware that in fact it was a Faux Wooden Sofa, until I read this blogpost of D E C E P T O L O G Y:….It was a sofa designed by Front Design for Moroso. However it was not made of wood at all. Its upholstery was a faux wooden print. Cleverly decepted!

The same deception as with the faux marble chair by Maurizio Galante.

About Design Front

As the 3 ladies of Design Front, Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken (until 2015) and Anna Lindgren based in Stockholm, are so kind as to have their group photo available at their website. I feature “Das Dreimäderlhaus” with pleasure – also in our category Chairchez La Femme in the sense of “Look which ladies design the chair”;-)

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