Recycled Skateboard Furniture


You don’t have to be a skater to appreciate these clever decks! Based on their passion for mid-century design, skateboard culture, and the SoCal lifestyle, designers Pierre Andre Senizergues and Gil Le Bon de LaPointe have launched a new company that makes sleek, gorgeous post modern furnishings and accessories out of recycled second hand skate board products. Skate Study House is quintessential California – skater cool, mid-century minimal, and totally green.


Taking their cues from the Case Study Houses that redefined the modern home and had such a pronounced influence on architecture, Skate Study House recreates popular modern furnishings through the vision of a devoted boarder. The Godfather Lounge Chair (and ottoman) is an Eames-inspired delight constructed out of seven walnut laminated decks while the Jet Set Lounge Chair is great for both indoor and outdoor use since it’s upholstered in nearly indestructible neoprene, or surface wetsuits. Not letting a single component go to waste, Skate Study also makes the witty Astro clock from polyurethane wheels and the sleek Skate Wall out of the maple deck out of which skateboards are cut. With a sweet selection chairs, coffee tables, and accessories, this is mid-century for the new generation of 21st century design enthusiasts.

Via Inhabitat: Inhabitat – Skate Study House: Recycled Skateboard Furniture