Samui Armchair by Glyn Peter Machin

Samui Armchair by Glyn Peter Machin

Samui Armchair or TYC 187 Cantilevered Chair?

Not yet in their Samui collection on their UK site Glyn Peter Machin, but in my humble opinion part of it. Already it was presented at the 2011 Monaco Yacht show. Now, according to the London Design Week Blog it is presented at London Design Week.
However, On their .com site the chair is coined TYC 187 Cantilevered Chair.
Com on ladies and gentlemen, bring some unity in your communications!

A fine outdoor Chair

Danish design studio Glyn Peter Machin specializes in Mega Yacht interior and exterior design and – furniture.

The Samui collection is for outdoor use and when you put it on your terrace you can imagine sitting on the aft deck of your mega yacht somewhere in the Mediterranean. Only let me tell you from own experience you rather sit in it on your own terrace: You won’t have any public peeking at you, nor neighboring yachtsman with their generators making so much noise you can’t even hear your beloved, nor – probably- the significant burden of owning and maintaining a mega yacht on your mind;-)