Han Pieck Chair LaWo 1

Han Pieck (23) was born as son to Henri Pieck a twin from Anton Pieck who was a famous Dutch illustrator who also designed the fairy park “The Efteling”

Han is known for designing one chair, the LAWO 1 which stands for LAminated WOod. He designed LAWO number one from one plate of laminated wood. With a grant from the Mashall plan he was able to start a manufacturing company for which he designed a laminating machine according to a special procedure: Layers of veneer were laminated together in a mold while the glue was applied hot, but the veneer remained cold. Like a sort of magnetron. Initially there were startup problems to get an evenly molded laminate. The times were not ripe for the model and finally the manufacturing company went bankrupt. The manufacturing process was sold to a Scottish company, Morris and Company, or the company got the process because it offered Piek and his Partner a job. Morris and Company eventually succeeded to create a similar machine under guidance of Pieck.