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1 piece of Furniture, 3 Components, 9 Positions

Hof 04: It is a furniture composed of three parts, which as desired can be assembled into nine different ergonomically optimal configurations, both for sitting and lying. Whatever your needs, the Hof 04 facilitates them, whether squatting, sitting or lying. Suited to any situation – reading, watching television, or just simply relaxing. Small and unobtrusive, yet full of charm, it fits in anywhere and in a simple and easy way extends your possibilities to sit or recline.

Material: cold foam with wood inlays
Cover: Felt from 100% wool in different colors
Dimensions: length: 59(108)cm, width: 33cm, height: 33cm

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hof4 by Stefan Schweighofer of Hof437
via best of Salone Satellite 2008 | Yatzer

With hindsight my first encounter.

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