Bunny Chair

bunny chair

Bunny Chair

by Iskos for Normann Copenhagen: bunny chair (via designboom)

Bunnie Chairs by Iskos Berlin

Bunnie Chairs by Iskos Berlin

Bunnie Chairs by Iskos Berlin


iskos-Berlin. Bunny Chairs?

Snoopy by Iskos-Berlin for Versus

Snoopy by Iskos-Berlin for Danish brand Versus is designed to resemble its canine namesake, at least so when viewed from the side. The range also includes a chair, three sofas and a stool, all of which are finished with solid oak legs.

Via dezeen.com

Spook by Iskos-Berlin for Blå Station

The Spook armchair by Iskos-Berlin for Blå Station is made exclusively out of heat-formed fibre felt and comes in anthracite, burgundy or navy blue color.

The inspiration for this design comes from the ghostly silhouettes that are created whenever chairs are covered with a sheet, and this idea is applied to the production of Spook. The mono-block is made in one single process by thermo pressing the polymer fibre: a preheated flat felt mat, draping the three-dimensional shape, creates natural folds that stiffen after being cooled down. This way, every Spook armchair is unique – no two products are identical.

Measurements (mm):

  • Seat height 360
  • Overall height 610
  • Seat width 420
  • Overall width 1020
  • Seat depth 450
  • Overall depth 935
  • Weight, kg 9,4
  • Cbm 1,2

The design team Iskos-Berlin was founded in 2010 in Copenhagen by the two established designers Aleksej Iskos, born in 1965 in Kharkiv, and Boris Berlin, born in 1953 in St. Petersburg.