Spook by Iskos-Berlin for Blå Station

The Spook armchair by Iskos-Berlin for Blå Station is made exclusively out of heat-formed fibre felt and comes in anthracite, burgundy or navy blue color.

The inspiration for this design comes from the ghostly silhouettes that are created whenever chairs are covered with a sheet, and this idea is applied to the production of Spook. The mono-block is made in one single process by thermo pressing the polymer fibre: a preheated flat felt mat, draping the three-dimensional shape, creates natural folds that stiffen after being cooled down. This way, every Spook armchair is unique – no two products are identical.

Measurements (mm):

  • Seat height 360
  • Overall height 610
  • Seat width 420
  • Overall width 1020
  • Seat depth 450
  • Overall depth 935
  • Weight, kg 9,4
  • Cbm 1,2

The design team Iskos-Berlin was founded in 2010 in Copenhagen by the two established designers Aleksej Iskos, born in 1965 in Kharkiv, and Boris Berlin, born in 1953 in St. Petersburg.

Chairblog mentioned in the British FT House and Home Magazine

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Carolyne Taylor deemed this Blog worthy to be mentioned in the Weekend House and Home Magazine of the UK Financial Times. Thanks Carolyne!


Carolyne has her own Blog Pathchwork Harmony. Occasionally she features a chair, like in this post: Big Thank You and some Nice Chairs

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