One Good Chair Award Winner: Posi+ive Lounge Chair

Jittasak Narknisorn

Posi+ive Lounge Chair

I started by finding a way to form a nice clean and comfortable shape with a piece of paper. Because I believe if I can do it in a simple way, it will be easy to make in an industrial system.

The seat was designed on simple rectangular bent plywood with four plus shapes cut through. This design is minimize waste material and allowed the plywood to form curves and bend in more directions to create a nice shape with more ergonomic support.

The legs are one steel round bar. They continue upwards to make armrests for more comfort. The two back legs are positioned to make the chair stackable by taking advantage of the cuts through the seat.

The cushion is made from wool felt fabric. It is the same shape as the seat (rectangular with plus shapes cut through) so it also has minimal waste.

Via One Good Chair: Winners