New York Design week 2008: Johnny Swing Coin Bench

Coin Bench by Johnny Swing

Vermont based designer Johnny Swing displayed his series of furniture pieces made from actual coins at this year’s ICFF. his ‘nickel couch’ uses 7,000 nickels welded together with 35,000 welds. the couch is supported with a metal rod base that is extremely re-enforced. other pieces in the coin series include an easy chair, side chair and a bowl. swing also creates other pieces of furniture and sculptural works.

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Coin Chair


Coin Chair
by Johnny Swing
product details
Performance art in a chair: Hand-welded in the curvaceous shape of a butterfly, amassed from 1500 half dollar coins and 7000 welds. Stainless steel and half-dollar pieces. The contoured shape is designed to cradle the body. 58 pounds. Measures 46″ x 32″ x 34″.

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Nickle Sofa by Johnny Swing

Johnny Swing showing off his coins sofas and chairs at New York Design Week. Here his Nickle Sofa
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Coin Chair by Johnny Swing

Ever had one of those cash-register-cha-ching-sound moments, the ones which leave you with $$ signs in your eyes? Just look at this Coin Chair and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Made with stainless steel and over 1500 half dollar coins, this $29,000 Johnny Swing masterpiece is not something I would recommend as a gift to a friend or family member recovering from gambling-addiction. The hand-welded chair weighs 58 pounds and presents a beautiful butterfly shape which is contoured to cradle the body but comfort is probably the last thing on a person’s mind when they are getting their rear ends seated in a money throne!

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Baby Food Jar Chair by Johnny Swing

Baby Food Jar Chair (96 jars were used) by Johnny Swing The recycling aspects of art like Swing’s is incredible when you think about it. This is reuse at one of it’s finest hours if you ask me. Swing has so many delightful objects at his site that you really do need to visit – sit back, take a look, and be amazed.

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