Jolyon Yates – ODEChair Series 3: the Savannah and Ocean Rocker and The Leaf Stool

ODEChair Series 3 - Ocean Rocker III by Jolyon YatesOde Chair series 3 Ocean Rocker

I like it when designers contact me directly and make it particularly easy for me to pass the news to you!

of interest ?

.. I’m pleased to announce Series 3 of ODEChair rocking chairs and stools: the Savannah Rocker III, Ocean Rocker III, Leaf Stool III and various new Stingray Stools in vivid colors. The revisions amount to evolutions in form, utility, construction and finish.

As ever, the chairs are hand made and are available at a lead time of 6-8 weeks from our Northumberland workshop. International shipping can be arranged.

ODEChair by Jolyon Yates will be showing it’s series 3 chairs in the Summer Exhibition at The Biscuit Factory from 12 June – 31 August, 2009.

An ODE is a lyrical poem that pays respect to that which inspired it

ODEChair Series 3 Stingray III and Singray Junior III in birch by Jolyon YatesODEChair Series 3 Stingray III and Singray Junior III in birch by Jolyon Yates

ODEChair Series 3 - Leaf Stool III by Jolyon YatesODEChair Series 3 – Leaf Stool III by Jolyon Yates

In this case the communication was a hung-in-my-spam-filter-comment at my significant other blog Happy Hotelier, but nevertheless Jolyon communicated with me:-)

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OdeChair: Contemporary organic chairs from Jolyon Yates

Okay, these can be pricey, but if you find Wendell Castle a bit overwrought, check out Jolyon Yates’ furniture designs, hand made in Northumberland. We asked Jolyon for a bit more info about the pieces, and then asked him if we could paste his comments right here.

I have been working in the car and the boat industries for many years as well as in University, teaching. The ODE chairs are kind of a reaction to loveless mass production–the rather lofty ideal emanating from the suspicion that when we mass-copy an object, the love that goes into designing such a piece is largely lost.


Savannah Rocker by Jolyon Yates

+ The Savannah rocker by Jolyon Yates for OdeChair is sculpted from birch ply, and like most of Yates’ designs reflects the smooth organic lines that mark this collection.

Via MoCo Loco: MoCo Submissions

Jolyon Yates Savannah Rocker : Design Milk

Via Jolyon Yates Savannah Rocker : Design Milk