Vilda 2 by Jonas Bohlin

Vilda 2 by Jonas Bohlin for Gemla

About Jonas Bohlin
The chair Vilda is the result of a 40 year long love story between Jonas Bohlin and bent wood, a love affair that for a long time seemed to stay on a platonic level.

“As a student at Konstfack [the largest university of design, arts and crafts in Sweden] I visited Gemla and was immediately fascinated of how such a brutal craft could create such delicate furniture. It took some years until it was time for me to give the technique a try, but for various reasons no product came out of it. When designing a new piece of furniture, I always ask myself if this item really is needed and what it would mean from an ecological perspective if it were to end up in production. It must have a shape and construction that is durable year after year.
Just like the classic Thonet café chair. It is only then that the product is sustainable. A while ago the thought was brought to life again, and with the help of some chair parts I kept from my last visit at Gemla, I built a prototype. I removed all unnecessary parts and added some leather from Tärnsjö to create a dialogue between two materials. Then I packed it all in a box and sent it to Gemla with a note saying “call me!” You can say that my love was returned and Vilda was finally created. Style-wise Vilda is about as far as you can get from my first chair Concrete, but the desire to create has remained exactly the same.”

Concrete Chair by Jonas Bohlin

Concrete Chair by Jonas Bohlin

Concrete Chair by Swedish designer Jonas Bohlin

Jonas Bohlin started off by making a kind of scandalous success in terms of offended Swedish functionalism at the 1981 graduation show at Konstfack, the National College of Arts, Craft and Design, in Stockholm. “We never quite recoverd from the shock his chair “Concrete” created in the Swedish design community”. Being meant as a piece of sculpture in an artistic installation, the chair of steel and concrete was obviously epitomizing a Swedish idea of post-modernism, why it was produced in a limited edition, and is currently a collector’s item.

Via Scandinavian Design.