Joseph Kosuth at the Louvre

Via Holy Chic I came across an interesting interview with Joseph Kosuth of the One Two Three Chair installation while working on an exhibition at the Louvre in Paris.

The One Two Three Chair installation is in MOMA and was an inspiration for Eric Ku

Mission No.2 : ERIC KU – Puzzle Chair

Cardboard Puzzle Chair (with 2 meanings) by Eric Ku:

An inspiration from the American contemporary artist Joseph Kosuth, One and Three Chair.

Instead of giving a new definition, I redefined the concept of a chair by using the alphabet. One is able to construct a chair by assembling the redesigned alphabet.

And here Joseph Kosuth’s One Two Three Chair installation that Eric used as his inspiration:

Kosuth’s work is all about meaning:
1) The word chair explained 2) A photo of a chair and 3) a real chair, all put together in one installation.

Via Mission No.2 : ERIC KU