Terrace Chair by Kaare Bækgaard


Outdoor furniture usually follow a limited number of existing conventions. The Terrace Chair is an attempt to go outside the rules or define a new convention: While being instantly recognizable, it looks somewhat different from what you would expect to find at your home & garden center.

The bulk of the chair is rotation moulded in polyethylene with a base of stainless steel. It is quite low-tech and requires little maintenance – just leave it out all year and give it a wash now and then. But when it is time to party, connect a low voltage cable to the bottom of the base and the chair will glow invitingly in the dark and provide ambience to the scene.

The body of the chair is only slightly elastic but it has a soft embracing feel due to the rounded, organic shape. The chair is easily disassembled into clearly marked elements according to the cradle-to-cradle principle.

The Terrace Chair is looking for a manufacturer.

Via Idesign.li, Kaare’s Design Studio.