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byjuliaosovskayaEveryone, we have some exciting news – Chair Blog can now be found on Instagram at! We’ll be sharing interior inspiration and cool chair sightings from around the globe, so come follow along! And if you spot a famous chair in some glorious surroundings, use the hashtag #chairblog to let us see it too 😉

P.S. The chair pictured is a BKF Chair aka the “Butterfly Chair” by Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy. It’s produced by Knoll.

Photo: Julia Osovskaya

Knoll offers some Platner Chairs and Stools used in Quantum of Solace

Platner Side Table and Stool by Knoll
Knoll supplied 12 tables and 48 chairs designed by Warren Planer to the Bond film Quantum of Solace for use in final restaurant scene – and no they were not all blown up – A few Knoll dealers still have a few of the tables and chairs from the film set available to buy. The furniture pieces are supplied with a letter authenticating their use in the film.

Knoll Generation Chair

Knoll Generation Chair

According to Knoll, it is a task chair meant for “collaborations” and fluid work environments. However, if you sit in your desk typing all day, I hardly think this chair will do you any good. Why? The philosophy behind the chair is that we actually spend more time moving in our chair than sitting in it – this should be true, we should be moving!

Via Sit Better

Cross Check Armchair – Frank Gehry – Magedman Modern

A Modern Contemporary dining chair

Named for his love of hockey and influenced by the apple crates he had played on as a child, Frank Gehry designed the Cross Check chair with ribbon like interlaced strips of maple.

ASID Award, 1992
ROSCO Award, 1992
ID Magazine Gold Award, 1992
ICFE Award for Excellence, 1992
IBD Award (Silver), 1992
Premium Imperiale Award (Prince Takamatsu World Culture Award), 1992
Time Magazine, Best Design of 1992 Award

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