Pylon Bench by Fagerström and Abrahamsson

Pylon Bench by Fagerström and Abrahamsson
At first look I thought it to be a super candy bench, but it is a bench of wood on a steel frame…only the colors are deceptive. The Pylon bench by Kristoffer Fagerström and Marcus Abrahamsson for Nola

About Fagerström and Abrahamsson

The design duo Fagerström and Abrahamsson consists of Kristoffer Fagerström and Marcus Abrahamsson. They met at University College of Art Craft and Design, Konstfack, in the fall of 2006 where they studied Interior Architecture and Furniture Design together. The two soon started working in various projects and found the collaboration very successful.

– Kristoffer is the perfect college; he’s extremely professional, full of different skills and stubborn like an old donkey. Which of course is good, it pushes me to work even harder when we disagree. Kristoffer replies: -” Well, I agree. I am stubborn, but if there is someone that can change my mind it is Marcus. He is the most competent designer I know and he has an inquiring mind with a sense for details. However, he reevaluates everything into the very last minute and I’m glad he has me. When designing the duo takes all their inspiration from the client and the context that surrounds it. – “Our minds starts working the very minute we have a problem setting before us. We see ourselves as problem solvers, whether its furniture design or architecture”. Marcus continues:
-” We make decisions based on what’s best for the client and what they need to communicate.” With our brand related approach to design we still think that you can recognize our work even though the client got something totally customized, says Kristoffer.