Woodstock by Lars Stensö

You might not know it, but lately I’ve developed a weird attraction for yellow chairs, so when I saw this creation from Swedish designer Lars Stensö, I couldn’t resist. I gave in, yet again.

Woodstock is a chair of limited edition (1/50), hand-signed by the designer, and can be ordered in black, yellow or brown. The back, seat and front legs of the chair are unified into an elegant structure “reminiscent of the theater’s stage space or a small town saloon of the Wild West back in the day”.

Width: 350  |  Seat Height: 445  |  Height: 860  |  Depth: 340

After earning his master’s degree at the prestigious Swedish design school Konstfack, Lars Stensö founded his own carpentry and design company in the island of Södermalm, Stockholm. By the end of the 1990s Lars started his architect office, and since 2010 Stensö is serving as senior designer and architect for WOODSTOCKHOLM.