Walnut Lola Chair

Walnut Lola Side
Walnut Lola Detail
Walnut Lola Back
lola design

Walnut Lola Chair

As I said before: This Walnut Lola Chair by Leslie Webb could be a new interpretation of a Frank lloyd Wright or a Hendrik Petrus Berlage chair.

Lola by Leslie Webb

Lola by Leslie Web front view 600

Lola by Leslie Webb detail 600

Lola by Leslie Webb back detail 600

Lola lounge detail 600

Lola by Leslie Webb back view 600

Lola by Leslie Webb

Texas based Leslie Web‘s motto is “Where Craft Meets Design” and this Lola chair is adhering to her motto. When I asked her for more photo’s which she kindly provided I wrote:
“I’m impressed. Could easily be a new Frank Lloyd Wright or Berlage Chair”

Linda Lou Rocker by Leslie Webb

The Linda Lou by Leslie Webb is a modern twist of the ancient rocker. Light and comfortable.
About Leslie Webb

There are countless ways to leave a legacy in this world; it seems natural for me to craft furniture that will be here long after I am gone.
The designs of Leslie Webb celebrate natural materials and form. As a maker, she values craftsmanship and purpose. Invariably made of wood, her medium requires patience and a deep understanding of the inherent structural properties of it. She knows that every board of every species has its own personality. Therefore, it is important to become acquainted before making the first cut. For her, it is paramount to have confidence in the piece long after it has left her hands. Though utility is at the forefront of her mind when designing each piece, she firmly believes that furniture can delight the eye as well.