Chairchez La Femme – The Seaser Chair by Lonc

On June 3, 2010, this Seaser Chair by Lonc will be launched…in The Hague, where Lonc resides.

This is an ancient style postcard that Lonc creatively uses to promote it’s Seaser Chair. It inspired me for the first part of the title: Chairchez La Femme.

Chairchez is approximately how the French pronounce cherchez which means as much as “look for” or “search”. La Femme is French for The Lady. I mean: If the lady catches your attention, maybe the chair does as well. Lonc very creatively uses the ancient style postcard as a means of creating various persona who could identify themselves with the Seaser. The Lady is one of them. On another forum I’ll go deeper into this marketing technique and the other persona Lonc uses.

About Lonc
Lonc or Lonc, Living Products is a new furniture design label that also will be launched on June 3, 2010 by two Dutch dutch industrial designers Rogier Waaijer and Bartel Hulst. I’m sure you will see more of them in the future.

Introducing the Chairchez La Femme Category
At the occasion of this post I’ve introduced another category for this blog. One that researches the relation between chair marketing and a beautiful lady, sometimes scantly dressed…much better than other possible names…I’ll go back into the archives and tag a couple of old posts so that the category gets a meaning.

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