Graziano Chair by Julian Mayor

Julian Mayor asked me to feature his new Chair Graziano (2010), created of welded steel bar in a limited edition of 10. Wit pleasure!

It will be on show in the London Design Festival with other new work coming September.

I missed him in September 2008 when I visited Tent London where he had some chairs on show that bear similarities to this Graziano and were probably earlier studies, but now he was so kind to add a photo of his good self.

Looking at this photo I would suggest him to first try to put them up for exposition at Sudeley Castle before going to London…

London Design Festival 2008 (8): Meet Rupert McKelvie’s In.Fold Chair

Some Background
Rather than copying and pasting other peoples finds in this blog and making it an online scrapbook only, I like to produce my own content. However, as a busy hotelier in Haagsche Suites and busy blogger at Happy Hotelier I don’t have enough time to do this as much as I would like. In addition I’m easily distracted by new finds, repairing wrong posts (finally most work is done with now) and merging my Tumblr log into this Blog. So I took a look in my 100 drafts for posts.

In September 2008 I was able to roam London Design week during 1.5 day and was able to visit Phillips the Pury’s Gallery, Tent London and 100% Design. I’ve published some posts in my category London Design Festival. I’ve many more posts in my sleeve yet.

This is also a caveat for some people who have send me material and are wondering: “Why the hell isn’t he publishing what I’ve sent him?” Have some patience with me.

Meet Rupert McKelvie

who I shortly met at 100% Design London in 2008. He was kind enough to demonstrate his extraordinary folding chair for me and my camera. And you know what? He intrigues me, because he is also a boat builder Like Matthias Pliesnig….. I have said once: “If I ever retire, I want to become a Venetian retro speedboat water taxi driver”. Yes, I keep on dreaming. Moreover there is another coincidence: I started this blog with a post about a folding/puzzle chair.

About Ruppert McKelvie

Rupert trained as a classical boat builder in Dorset for two years gaining a wealth of knowledge and discovering a true affinity with the making world. He then went on to build two 1950’s wooden Venetian speed boats currently moored in Devon. Following this, he continued his passion for design at University College Falmouth, completing a BA (hons) in 3D Design and Sustainability.

The marriage of these two disciplines is evident in his work, as elements of the maker and designer combine to produce furniture that is appealing, yet always practical.

About the In.Fold Chair
Take a flexible material and glue pieces of multiplex board against it in a clever way. Color the two sides with a different color and you can put the chair away without it taking much storage room, but also you have two chairs in one. A blue or a white one.

Clever piece of work Rupert and sorry it took me so long to publish this.

The Proof of the Cake is in the Chair

Cakes for Design Museum's 20th birthday

I found this photo of the Cakes for Design Museum’s 20th birthday in auralab’s Flickr: Photostream. Now I need to know which chair this is.

Bench by StudioIlse

Bench by Studio Ilse


Bench by StudioIlse is a London Design Festival introduction.

Via StudioIlse

Chair Installation for London Design Festival by Martino Camper

Chair Arch by Martino Gamper
Chair Arch by Martino Gamper

Martino is at it again!

Wallpaper* magazine commissioned designer Martino Gamper to create a modern-day Chair Arch for the London Design Festival. Using Ercol stacking chairs as his building blocks, Gamper built two overlapping arches in the courtyard of the Victoria & Albert Museum. Chair arches, which are part of a British Victorian tradition, were constructed to commemorate special occasions

Via Mocoloco