Social Media and the MVS Chaise by Maarten Van Severen

At least for me this is a good example how social media work:

  • I’m browsing the site of chair manufacturer Vitra.
  • There I find the photo that a fan, De Pauw from Florida, has send to Vitra upon a request from Vitra.
  • I recognized it to be a Van Severen chair.
  • I’m already a huge fan of Maarten Van Severen.
  • I check the site for more details about the chair (maybe I can publish about it here).
  • Find a nice photo of the chaise itself:

But then I also see this photo:

And you know what? It’s multi functional: As a recliner and as a daybed and for use indoors and outdoors!

So I’m sold. On the basis of these three photos I believe I have to have this multi-functional chaise for my terrace…

My next Work In Progress is trying to copy and paste the photo in a photo of my terrace and then find an opportunity to look at the chair in real life.

I have put it on my Vitra Wish List……even while I don’t know the price yet…

.06 Easy Chair by Maarten van Severen

Regular readers know I’m a huge fan of Maarten van Severen who passed away much to early in 2005.

Oops! I’ve had to change some posts here, because I had misspelled Maarten van Severen’s name. My first mistake was that I believed that his name was Van Seventer, then I thought it was Van Sevener….all wrong. I believe the reason was the wrong connotation it has with the Dutch word Zeveren, which means so much as nag or moan. Sorry Maarten. Anyway I pinched this photo from the Vitra site which is getting better and better nowadays while they use less and less flash…

Chair Blog’s new Logo – Thank You Josiah!


Some time ago @Josiah Mackenzie asked me whether he could help me with my logo design. He volunteered some ideas and one of those I combined with the part of my old Chair Blog Logo design that featured the .03 Chair of Maarten van Severen.

Old Chair Blog Logo

Maarten van Severen .03 chair

Josiah is a real Internet Jack of all Trades: He runs the Hotel Marketing Strategies blog and some more.

Long overdue, Josiah, but here it is finally: My big official Thank You Note for your help with Chair Blog’s new logo.

Phillips de Pury & Company: MAARTEN VAN SEVEREN, Pair of No II chairs

Pair of aluminum No II chairs, by Maarten van Sevener, ca. 1998

Bent aluminum sheet, tubular aluminum. Each: 30 1/2 in. (77.5 cm.) high Produced by Maarten Van Severen MEUBELEN, Belgium (2).
ESTIMATE $5,000-7,000

LITERATURE Maarten Van Severen, Maarten Van Severen: Work, Oostkamp, 2004, pp. 36 and 39, pp. 38 and 40 for similar examples and p. 42 for a drawing

Via Phillips de Pury & Company:

London Design Festival 2008 (1): Phillips de Pury and Maarten van Severen


Your Chair Blog editor spent a couple of days in London and visited Tent London, 100% Design and design auction house Phillips de Pury and Company.

There I was able to take a photo of Maarten Van Severen’s .03 chair myself:
Maarten van Severen .03 chair
(much) More to follow.