Monna by Max Lipsey

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Monna by Max Lipsey
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Monna by Max Lipsey

Monna is a new prototype by Max Lipsey for a comforting, feminine easy armchair or lounge chair.

The name Monna comes from an abbreviation of the Italian, Ma Donna or my lady. The chair is inspired by prehistoric Venus figurines of voluptuous women, thought to be representations of a mother goddess. The soft, round curves are reminiscent of these figurines, suggesting feminine nurturing and bounty, for a safe and welcoming place to curl up into.

Max Lipsey at Depot Basel’s Prelude 01

Depot Basel is a new initiative that is considered to be a place for contemporary design and is housed within a nearly 100 year old former grain elevator in Basel, Switzerland. The space has been re-utilized for small and large-scale exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions and film screenings.

The first exhibition, called Prelude 01, invited nine designers to spend six days on location engaging in dialogue with the building and its distinctive structure. The participants delivered answers in the form of unique infrastructure that will now form the core of the location for the next 2 years.

One of the most unusual Prelude 01 creations is this chair by Max Lipsey.

We are not a fair, nor a festival. Not a museum, a showroom or a gallery. We are a temporary place for contemporary design.”


Acciaio Series & Its Yellow Stool by Max Lipsey

Acciaio Series (“ah-chyah-yo” – Italian for ‘steel’) is a series of steel chairs by Max Lipsey inspired by the bicycle.

The collection consists of a chair, lounge chair and a stool that are fillet brazed using steel bicycle tubing with the seating made of perforated leather and aluminum sandwich – a combination that creates a truly lightweight chair. Acciaio comes in 16 colors, where each color is named after a classic bike builder. This way the yellow stool becomes a Tom & Lou stool, see the image below!