Due Più by Nanda Vigo

Due Più by Nanda Vigo for Acerbis Design

Nanda Vigo’s seat known as Due Più armchair is an astonishing, enigmatic object where the use of two rollers that look like they’re floating makes for truly unique features. Futurist in aspect, we can see it as an emblematic design blending Vigo’s two souls: the esprit de géométrie that shines through the minimalist metallic structure with its light reflection, and an eccentric, pioneering spirit apparent in the use of Mongolian fur. Currently presented by Acerbis with a steel frame and furs reclaimed from food industry waste, according to circular economy principles that make it compatible with contemporary ethics.

We are proud to announce that the Due Più armchair by Nanda Vigo won the Archiproducts Design Awards 2023.

About Nanda Vigo

Nanda Vigo was born in Milan in 1936. She lives in Milan and East Africa.
She was interested in art from a very young age when she spent time in the company of Filippo de Pisis, a family friend, and when she saw the architecture of Giuseppe Terragni from whom – we might guess – she learnt to pay attention to light.
After having graduated from the Institut Polytechnique, Lausanne, and having studied further in San Francisco, in 1959 she set up her own studio in Milan. From then on the basic theme of her art was the conflict/harmony between light and space, something the artist uses in her art work as well as in her architecture and design. From 1959 on she frequented the studio of Lucio Fontana, and then she became close to the artists who had founded the Azimut gallery in Milan, Piero Manzoni and Enrico Castellani. In that period, due to her journeys for her numerous exhibitions throughout Europe (more than 400 solo and group shows), Vigo came to know the artists and places of the ZERO movement in Germany, the Netherlands, and France.

Via Nanda Vigo