Bodywaves by Nobuho Nagasawa

Bodywaves is part of a chair installation together with a glass table and the artists umbilical cord in a petri dish and some gray hairs. The installation connects past and present for the artist. A rocking chair covered in optical fabric channels our dependence on water. A recorded video of ocean waves plays upon a chair that senses human heat once it is sat upon and glows brighter with the interaction.

Via Inhabitat New York City

About Nobuho Nagasawa

Based in New York City since 2001, Nobuho Nagasawa was born in Tokyo, and raised in Europe and Japan, and received her MFA at Hochschule der Künste in Berlin. She came to the United States as a visiting scholar through the invitation of California Institute of the Arts in 1986, where she studied visual art, critical theory and music. She is an interdisciplinary artist whose site-specific work explores the places, politics, ecology and psychological dimensions of space and people. Her work involves in-depth research into the cultural history and memory, and extensive community participation.