Orange Studio Bench by UN Studio for Offect

Orange Studio Bench by UN Studio for Offect

Orange Studio Bench by UN Studio for Offect

UN Studio:

The Studio series for Offecct has been designed to allow for the creation of a number of seating units, each adapted to the needs of particular situations in terms of the number of seats as well as their arrangements and function in any given space. The designs allow for numerous group arrangements which can result in closed arrangements, semi closed and open arrangements, allowing for versatility in communication and privacy.

The Studio Twin creates a seating element for communication and exchange, whereas the Studio Easy chair Right and Easy chair Left offer possibilities for the user to choose between open and private arrangements.

The Studio Twin Beam creates opportunities for use in public spaces and for more playful organisations in public settings.

The Studio collection setup has the potential for use in many varied settings, including airport waiting areas, lobbies, offices and libraries.

In order to create a sustainable product, the shell has been designed in such a way that the complete Studio collection can be produced with two mirrored shells. In addition, the shape of the shells and the frame allow these parts to be stacked for space-saving during transport. In accordance with Offecct’s high demands on sustainability, effort has been put into choice of materials, energy, transportation and logistics to assure a product that has a minimal impact on nature.

This is post number 78 in an attempt to publish 100 Orange Chairs for Inauguration Day.

Layer Chair by Laufer and Keichel

Layer Chair

By German architects and designers Laufer and Keichel for Swedish manufacturer Offect. Offect has a very interesting and clear blog, an example for other manufacturers I would say.

Sport Chair by Eero Koivisto

Sport Chair by Eero Koivisto presented at Stockholm Furniture Fair 08 for Offect.
Via Design Boom

Easy Chair ‘Palma’ by Khodi Feiz

Easy Chair 'Palma' by Khodi Feiz

Stockholm furniture fair 08: Easy Chair ‘Palma’ by Khodi Feiz for Offect.
Via designboom.

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