Cityscape Sofa PE 200 by Paul Evans at Wright

Cityscape Sofa PE 200 by Paul Evans

Recently sold at Wright Auctions
estimate: $20,000–30,000 result: $18,750

About Paul Evans

Born in Pennsylvania in 1931, Paul Evans studied sculpture, metalwork and jewellery design at the School for American Crafters in Rochester, New York, and at Michigan’s Cranbrook Academy of Art. Not an obvious training for furniture making, but after an inspirational visit to renowned furniture maverick Philip Lloyd Powell’s shop in New Hope, Pennsylvania, Evans turned to just that. Initially selling his work through Powell (from 1954), and then collaborating with him, Evans went on, in 1964, to become the chief designer of the prestigious furniture manufacturer “Directional.” Then in 1981 he opened his own showroom in New York, prior to his early [added by ed.] death in 1987.

Source Judith Miller in the UK Telegraph She added that one of the qualities of Paul Evans designs is his unique signature.

Armchairs by Paul Evans

Chairs by Paul Evans

Armchairs by Paul Evans at Phillips (de Pury)
ESTIMATE $40,000-60,000

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