SoCal Chair by Phillip Euell

Socal Chair by Phillip Euell fronta
Socal Chair by Phillip Euell Detail

SoCal Chair

by Phillip Euell who is an American designer living and working near Paris, France.

From Phillip Euell’s blog:

DECEMBER 29, 2012

On his way off to Santa Barbara for the winter with his wife and newborn son, my friend Adrian Rubi-dentzel gave me some of his burgundy chestnut he had left over from the shelves he made for bones.

While i was waiting for some deliveries for my upcoming Le Labo Milan job next month, I started to draw some curves on a piece of plywood, and before I knew it I was off on the long, hard slog that is the process of designing and making a new chair.

It started off with a simple curve and a simple idea: strip a chair down to its essential elements, and reimagine the lines and curves in a new context.

Fresh in my head were the memories I have of Sam Maloof’s workshop in Rancho Cucamunga, CA. I spent a morning there last month watching sam’s guys working on some chairs that were destined for some super-yacht somewhere. i watched as they worked through all the curves and lines, going back and forth between template and rasp. the process is arduous, but the result is sublime.

so, with Sam Maloof in my mind, Adrian’s chestnut and my rasp in hand, I began. Three long days later, a new chair is born.