Chairblog mentioned in the British FT House and Home Magazine

Oops, due to my 24/7 care for our guests – see my significant other blog Happy Hotelier and my site Haagsche Suites – I forgot about it totally, despite she e-mailed me and announced it on her blog in advance:

Carolyne Taylor deemed this Blog worthy to be mentioned in the Weekend House and Home Magazine of the UK Financial Times. Thanks Carolyne!


Carolyne has her own Blog Pathchwork Harmony. Occasionally she features a chair, like in this post: Big Thank You and some Nice Chairs

Always nice when someone pats you on your back.

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One thought on “Chairblog mentioned in the British FT House and Home Magazine”

  1. Congratulations! I always knew this day would come! :))) I don’t think you know it, but I have been following you and you are even on my blog roll on my blog…been that way for I think a year already… :)))

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