Deckchair by Cohda for Globe

This may light you up when you open it at Cohda’s site.

I have paid attention to design studio Cohda and its owner Richard G Liddle earlier. This time it is for their cooperation with Globe, a manufacturer of skate boards, that resulted in this deckchair made from parts typically developed for use in skateboard production.

Cohda Design Limited | product innovation | sustainable design

A sustainable chair by Richard G Liddle
Richard G Liddle

Born in the UK in late 70’s, Richard G Liddle was given his first tool kit at 10 years old and set about taking everything he could get his hands on apart. Educated at the Royal College of Art under Ron Arad, Martino Gamper and Hilary French, Liddle has worked on numerous projects for diverse organisations and clients. These include the UK Design Council, Tom Dixon and Schott Glass. He has acted as key and guest speaker at various Business Forums and Entrepreneur Fayres, and has lectured in both FE and HE. Liddle formed Cohda Design Ltd in 2006.

Via Cohda Design Limited | product innovation | sustainable design

Recycled waste material Chairs by Richard G Liddle

A new and innovative event has just taken place in the UK as part of the Design Council’s festival. The event was created by Richard Liddle of Cohda design and ran from the 20-28 of October. As the event began, onlookers saw very little-only machinery and open space. As members of the public brought in their trash which consisted of mainly plastics, a great change was witnessed by all. Sustainable plastic designs were being born from the public’s recycled rubbish. The event from Cohda became the life of the festival. On the last day of the festival, winners were picked randomly to take home pieces of the designs.
Designer: Cohda Studio

Via Yanko Design

About Cohda Design:

British company Cohda Design Ltd was founded in 2006 by product designer Richard Liddle as an urban design brand with a mission: “to design, manufacture and supply innovative contemporary products that break down the pre-conceptions of what sustainable, innovative designs should be.”

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