Series Z Wingchair by Roan Barrion

I found Roan Barrion via a link to a former blog that pointed to a newer Tumblr blog and eventually to Roan’s website which features his Z series Wingchair.

Roan Barrion is a furniture and object designer based in Canada. His work has been featured in Architectural Digest and Bo Bedre, and in exhibition in Paris and across Canada. Before founding his own design practice, he spent nearly two decades in the furniture industry, the majority as a specialist in 20th Century design and decorative arts. His online gallery was one of the first in Canada to offer works by Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouve, Alexandre Noll, Gio Ponti and Gino Sarfatti. Among his notable finds were a rare set of Eames splints produced by Artek, uncovering a previously unknown collaboration between Eames and Aalto. In 2014 he founded Roan Barrion Design,


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