Daybed In Honor of Sergio Rodrigues

Brazilian architect and furniture designer Sérgio Rodrigues, the very well known creator of “Mole Chair”, is honored in the exhibit “Desenhos para o Designer” (Designs for the Designer), which takes place at D&D Decoração e Design Center, in São Paulo, untill June 10th.

Guests designers have created 14 pieces, all manufactured by Saccaro. The products were inspired by Rodrigues’ designs or aspects of his life.

The photo shows one of them.

Via 2Modern Design Tal

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Udate July 3, 2008

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Mole Chair by Sérgio Rodrigues

Sérgio Rodrigues and his most famous piece: Mole Chair.
via 2Modern Design Talk.

Mole Chair by Sergio Rodrigues

April 06, 2008 Design Museum If you happen to be in São Paulo, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Museu da Casa Brasileira, or just MCB (Brazilian House Museum). There, you will certainly find a good exhibition. In their fixed collection, you can find furniture pieces from the XVII to the XX centuries. The Museum also presents temporary shows of contemporary objects and accessories from Brazil and around the world. Some of the pieces of the Museum’s fixed collection: “Mole” Chair – Designed by Sérgio Rodrigues, 1957 (via 2Modern Design Talk – Modern Furniture & Design Blog: Design Museum)