Matreshka Light Chair by Georgi Slokoski – Milan 2011 (09)

Matreshka Light Chair by Bulgaria based Georgi Slokoski is a modern take on a traditional Russian doll. Its fibroglass curvatiosness comes in two colors (black and white), the base promises endless rotation both ways and the built-in LED RGB lighting allows for a unique experience of sitting inside a lamp. The chair is to be presented tomorrow in Milan during the design week.

From the designer:

The chair invites and embraces you, it enhances and dominates your emotions. Touching the chair is a discovery – you subside into a harmony of immaculately chosen materials, skillfully amplified by comfort and functionality. You sink into your own harmonic ambience of colour and a sense of softness. Matreshka Light Chair is an interior solution which inspires and seduces you, turning into an essential accent in your personal space.