Mr. Chair by Soojin Hyun – Milan 2011 (24)

Mr. Chair by Soojin Hyun
One of our FaceBook fans suggested after the previous post:

and why not try to influence some female designers to photograph their prototypes with lightly-dressed sexy men on them ?

Here is an answer. A female designer from South Korea, who graduated from the Dutch Design Academy in Eindhoven has worked it out for us all with her Mr. Chair: It simply doesn’t need a model having a six pack from itself:-). However with model it does catch eyes as well:
Mr. Chair by Soojin Hyun with female model

However, one has to see the front of the chair first before understanding this photo….

Designer : Soojin Hyun (Design Mong Studio), Sangho Park(VIN & Co.)

Photographer : Mina Hwang

Model : Misun Lee

During our research of chairs, we found that armchairs and men have a lot in common, Men have arms, skin, and muscles and comparatively, armchairs have arms, leather and cushion. Mr. Chair shows the commonalities with a dignified wit.

** we have a plan to show different colors of Mr. Chair, such as human skin has different colors.

Size : 884 x 872 x 1077mm

Material : Cowhide, Metal

via Design Mong Studio.

With a male model it certainly works better:
Mr. Chair by Soojin Hyun with male model
Via Vin and Mong‘s Facebook series from Milan 2011.

Now I’m daring the (male) Facebook fan to come up with a classy photo of himself on his own chair:-)