Lounge Landscape, a novel seating concept from the Offenbach University – Core77

Lounge Landscape is a curved seating surface made out of a new multilayered composite based upon a polyester based fabric reinforced with glass fiber, bringing together lightness and the necessary strength.

After a series of digital and physical modeling the seating could be made, or calculated, from a single master mold with creative machining (check out that marker doing the job!). The necessary mathematics and ergonomics were not focusing on finding an optimal sitting position but rather to offer users the freedom to change positions and sit or lie down as they please.

Last July, they enjoyed a great response from the audience during the 175th birthday of the HfG Offenbach University for Art and Design. Lounge Landscape was not just about offering a comfortable seat but together with the play of light the seating elements create a smooth and friendly atmosphere which is key to an enjoyable break.

The Lounge Landscape is designed by product design students Nicola Burggraf, Susanne Hoffmann, Steffen Reichert, Nico Reinhardt and Yanbo Xu, guided by Professor Achim Menges. We caught them lounging at the MATERIALICA Design Show last month receiving their first design award, and probably not their last!

Via Core77