Stretch Lounge by Michelle Dunbar

This industrially knit fabric was created to respond to human interaction and physically change when sat upon. The tubes expand and reveal a hidden color as the chair flexes to support weight. This dual seater was created in collaboration with Mayela Mujica MFA Furniture 2016. This chair will be exhibited at both the XXI Triennale International Exhibition Milan 2016 as a part of the Milan Furniture Fair and ICFF in New York.

Via Michelles Behance Portfolio

Another chair designed by students of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) 2016 design class.

Wooly and Stitch Chairs by Susanne Westphal


Wooly and Stitch Chairs by Susanne Westphal


How do we want to spend our time is the central question of the work. Why do we have less time then ever before, although we invented time saving things? And why do we scamper around, even if we have all possibilities to carry our life in our own hands?

WOOLY and STITCH were designed to remind the user of all that. They are unfinished seating furnitures that want to be finished be the user themselves. They want to hold him up for a while, to take him out of the rush of everyday life. They can be used, but they can be changed by the individual. While the sitter takes off WOOLY‘S yarn and feeds it through the holes of STITCHES, something special has happened. Unwind. Deaccelerate. Slow down. Stop. As the sitter feeds the yarns in and out of the holes, the simple and monotonous action becomes an automatism and the user reaches the state of mental digesting – he is de-accelerating. He has the chance to reflect on the impressions from life. The more time you give WOOLY and STITCH, the more they become comfortable and the more time you want to rest in them.

Laced Lady in a Vintage Knotted Chair


Laced Lady in a Vintage Knotted Chair

Italian manufacturer Cappellini is “at it” at Pinterest. I noticed they are looking at our Pinterest boards today. Hence I  discovered a whole set of Cappellini Boards where I found this scan from some glossy. And off course added it to our Chairchez La Femme series.

Black and White Knit Chair by Emiliano Gordoy

Black and White Knit chair by Emiliano Godoy
Found this black and white edition of Emiliano Gordoy‘s Knit Chair at the manufacturers site Pirwi that dissappeared since I posted this.

Bommel by MYK: Pom Pom Poufs & a Chair

Bommel by MYK

The Bommel collection by MYK is entirely crafted by hand. Several hundred wool threads are bundled, rolled, tied and cut to be made into pom poms of various sizes, and each piece of the collection is made of up to 1300 of such woolen balls. The amount calls for about 45 kilos of wool for a single furniture object!

MYK was set up in 2009 by the academically qualified fashion designer Myra Klose. She studied fashion design at Trier and Madrid universities ( 1992 – 1996 ) and has since been working professionally in Austria and Germany.