Wooly and Stitch Chairs by Susanne Westphal


Wooly and Stitch Chairs by Susanne Westphal


How do we want to spend our time is the central question of the work. Why do we have less time then ever before, although we invented time saving things? And why do we scamper around, even if we have all possibilities to carry our life in our own hands?

WOOLY and STITCH were designed to remind the user of all that. They are unfinished seating furnitures that want to be finished be the user themselves. They want to hold him up for a while, to take him out of the rush of everyday life. They can be used, but they can be changed by the individual. While the sitter takes off WOOLY‘S yarn and feeds it through the holes of STITCHES, something special has happened. Unwind. Deaccelerate. Slow down. Stop. As the sitter feeds the yarns in and out of the holes, the simple and monotonous action becomes an automatism and the user reaches the state of mental digesting – he is de-accelerating. He has the chance to reflect on the impressions from life. The more time you give WOOLY and STITCH, the more they become comfortable and the more time you want to rest in them.

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