When in Paris visit La Suite and Out Door

La Suite Front P1050241
Recently I was in Paris and came across two beautiful shops. La Suite and Out Door, dedicated to furniture design with mouth watering display of designer chairs and designer sofas for indoor and for outdoor use respectively. A must visit for chair aficionados! You can find them next to each other, very close to the BNF (National Library of France) at the border of the river Seine between Pont Tolbiac (Tolbiac Bridge) and Pont de Bercy (Bercy bridge) and if you are there I suggest you also take a look at the Bercy area architecture and the Bercy parc.

I asked and was gracefully permitted authority to make photos in the two shops. Some of those I’ll feature here.

Only Yesterday I discovered Suite New York…You can imagine I’m wondering whether there is a connection between the two or not….

Update November 2011:

It appears both websites have disappeared. Maybe the shops disappeared as well…

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CH52 Chair by Hans Wegner


I’m a big fan of Hans Wegner, because he designed chairs you actually can sit comfortably on.

However, that’s not the reason I post this photo here.

I came across Suite New York, apparently a chair distributor. My next post will make clear why I want to post about them.

Again theirs is a site built with flash photos. No way of pinching a photo … even not with Webkut of Toki Woki and also not wit Clipmarks (which dissappeared since posting this item), but I succeeded with Fireshot Pro, a nifty Firefox plugin, also available for IE. I hate the hassle having to do screen dumps in one way or another….