Cabine Chairs by Tjep

Cabine Chairs by Tjep

Cabine Chairs by Tjep


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The chandeliers are redic


Nest Chair by Tjep

And here the Nest Chair by Tjep…..which is very easy to transport:

However, Tjep calls this his Tak Sofa or Branche chair:

Tak is a large sofa made of fifty soft rubber branches twingled together, Tak can be expanded as the family grows just like a real birds nest. Tak was especially designed for the 2004 furniture fair in Milano.

Recession Chair by Tjep

Recession Chair by Tjep
Tjep showed the Recession Chair at Dutch Design Week 2011. Amazed as Tjep was other designers hardly seem to pay attention to the recession…..:

We took an Ikea mass produced chair and started sanding it to the finest possible version. The result is a process where the chair goes from normal, to diminished, to skeleton like. The resulting object is barely functional as it most likely wont withstand the weight of the person it’s trying to support, much like a society plagued by recession

Uncomfortable Seating in another meaning….

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Butter Stools by Tjep

Butter Stool by Tjep
Since we published the Cake Stool (Let Them Sit Cake) recently, we cannot leave the Butter Stools by Tjep without attention.

the moulds themselves melt because of the temperature during solidification. A technical story, but the result is that every piece gets a unique soft buttery structure. Haven’t you ever fantasized melting away in your furniture?

Reception Booth by Tjep

Dutch designers Tjep have created the new reception area at the ROC professional training school at Apeldoorn in the Netherlands.

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