Recession Chair by Tjep

Recession Chair by Tjep
Tjep showed the Recession Chair at Dutch Design Week 2011. Amazed as Tjep was other designers hardly seem to pay attention to the recession…..:

We took an Ikea mass produced chair and started sanding it to the finest possible version. The result is a process where the chair goes from normal, to diminished, to skeleton like. The resulting object is barely functional as it most likely wont withstand the weight of the person it’s trying to support, much like a society plagued by recession

Uncomfortable Seating in another meaning….

Via Tjep

Diamond Chair by Cris Bartels and Anna ter Haar

Via Waslijn (a blogh that later became defunct) I came across young Dutch Designers Cris Bartels and Anna ter Haar who were invited by MU as a couple to create a project for the recent Dutch Design Week which unfortunately I had to miss.

Here is the Youtube video of the creation of their Diamond Chair: