tlf05 Chair by Tobias Labarque

tlf05 Chair by Tobias Labarque.
Via Tobias Labarque

Tlf01 Plywood Stackable Chair by Tobias Labarque

Beautifully executed and jolly good combining the copper and the plywood veneer.

stackable chair
material : plywood, copper, veneer
dimensions : 48 (w) x 79 (h) x 46 (d) cm
weight : 8 kg
photography by kris de waele

Via Tobias Labarque

5 Origami Inspired Modern Chairs

All of these chairs I’m introducing below is, in form, doable by simply folding a piece of paper, although the term origami might not be within the description of the piece. I hope this benefits to people that’s really into paper art, which I personally am myself. Enjoy.

Folder by Stefan Schöning designed for polyline

Folder Chair by Stefan Schöning

tlf03 alu, the Aluminum Chair by Tobias Labarque

"tlf03 alu" the Aluminum Chair by Tobias Labarque

Quarta by Mario Botta

Quarta by Mario Botta

Faltsessel by Arne Amtsfeld for DUA

Faltsessel by Arne Amtsfeld for DUA

Nook by Patrick Frey for VIAL

Nook by Patrick Frey for VIAL
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