2D/3D Chairs by Yoichi Yamamoto for Issey Miyake

When viewed from outside an Issey Miyake store in Tokyo, the blue chairs installed in the shop’s window by Japanese architect Yoichi Yamamoto appear to be just another collection of ordinary chairs, but in reality, they’re just wooden backs fixed to the floor – it’s the legs painted onto the ground that, from a fixed angle, appear in the correct perspective and make the chairs look whole. The installation is called 2D/3D Chairs.

Via dezeen.com

Scarabike Bicycle Saddle Bench

Scarabike Bicycle Saddle Bench
Scarabike stool

An oldie, I know, but since I’m living in a country with one of the highest bicycle densities of the world I have to share this Scarabike, a bicycle saddle bench that, according to Design Boom, was presented at Tokyo Designers Week 2007 by the bicycle prodution company Scarabike. There is also a stool.

Tea Ceremony Chair by Hiroki Takada

The Tea Ceremony Chair is designed by Hiroki Takada and will be presented at the Tokyo Design Week.

Hattip to Cricandy [site has disappeared] for curating the Tea Ceremony Chair found at The Design Blog

Shigeru Ban: Carbon Fiber Chair for Tokyo fiber 09 Sensware

Carbon Chair by Shigeru Ban

Carbon Fiber composite chair by shigeru ban image © designboom

shigeru ban conceived a light-weight chair that uses carbon fiber TENAX® for lightness and tensile strength. rather than using carbon fiber on its own, he created a tough structure by sandwiching aluminum between thin layers of carbon fiber. The use of aluminum in the combination enables successful pinpointing of the characteristics of carbon fiber.

Via Design Boom

Tswana Folding Chair by Patty Johnson

Canadian designer Patty Johnson has designed Tswana, a folding chair shown last week at the Cïbone store in Tokyo as part of Design Tide Tokyo.

Via Dezeen