FF1 Chair by Fox and Freeze

FF1 Chair by Fox & Freeze in white and grey

FF1 Chair by Fox & Freeze in white

FF1 Chair is a surprisingly strong and sturdy felt chair created with simply 1 square sheet of synthetic felt and flax ropes. The unique shape and structure gives it strength without any wood or metal. Also put in mind, almost no material was wasted(except the drilled holes) in the form of this chair. I really think that Fox & Freeze did a marvelous job designing this piece. FF1 is available in white and grey through Fox & Freeze’s. Also, check out the sturdiness of it through a strength test video on Youtube.

Fox & Freeze is a collaboration between Belgian designers James van Vossel (a vos is Dutch for Fox) and Tom de Vrieze (freeze is an English translation of vriezen). Not every reader will be aware that Belgium is a two language country: Dutch in the more northern and western parts and French in the more eastern and southern parts that are closer to France.