Engineering Temporality by Tuomas Markunpoika Tolvanen

Engineering Temporality, a mini collection of a cabinet and a chair, by Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Tuomas Markunpoika Tolvanen is a tribute to human fragility. The project evolved from Tolvanen’s personal experience with his grandmother’s declining health due to Alzheimer’s:

“Her Alzheimer’s disease is unraveling the fabric of her life, knot by knot, and vaporizing the very core of her personality and life, her memories, and turning her into a shell of a human being.”

Tolvanen used tubular steel as the main ingredient of his creations, he then cut the tubes into small rings and joined them back together to form a semi-covering layer over existing objects. Then, he burnt them:

“My pursuit was to give an object a memory, create tension and stage a play between the perfect, anonymous mass produced structural material and the imperfect of human being. The shell that is left caresses the vanished object, the memory of it, referring to the past.”