Lupita, a Peeled or Loop Sofa by Victor Aleman

Loop Sofa
The Lupita

Thanks to a fellow Trend Hunter, Ben Preiss, I found this funny peeled sofa, the Lupita.

This unique seating arrangement is constructed from a single piece of red oak, cushioned with pleather-covered, high-density foam. The possibilities are great for modular combinations: side-by-side and end-to-end offer some interesting options, but I’m sure you could transform your living room into a veritable jungle gym of loopitas, limited only by your imagination (and funds, perhaps).

Inventor Spot said:

The latest concepts in on-floor seating have quite literally taken a turn. The Loope Lupita, designed by twenty-one year old Victor Aleman, reminds me of a cross between some kind of fruit peel remnant and a mini racetrack my brother used to have (a Scalextric, I believe it’s called?).

The Lupita is a design of Victor Aleman. Here is Victor’s portfolio at Coroflot