Urban-Chaotic Respite Lounge Chair by Vieyrah Designs

Urban-Chaotic Respite Lounge Chair by furniture design studio Vieyrah Designs (founded by Alberto Vieyra) is a contemporary lounge chair fused with local craftsmanship. The chair is hand crafted in San Diego, California. Metal Structure covered in metal sheet painted with Dupont car paint.

A lot of people don’t know how furniture can be art, and that it can make a space beautiful…or horrible…I’m always dreaming about the future. It’s going to change in five or 10 years, because we’re going to conceive of it in a different way, but in this moment, this is how I picture the future.

Alberto Vieyra

Urban-Chaotic Respite Lounge Chair, image courtesy Vieyrah Designs
+ About Vieyrah Designs

Vieyrah Designs is a design firm/ modern furniture manufacturer specializing in the best custom hand-made furniture and interior design. Vieyrah Designs achieves a product and company balance between the environment, profitability and employee and community well being. Alberto Vieyra designs and manufactures all the products in San Diego, California.

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