Delicious Stool by Wendell Castle

Delicious Stool by Wendell Castle

Being more than half a century involved with chair design Wendell Castle deserves more recognition here.

Photo via Barry Friedman

Molar Settee by Wendell Castle

Molar Settee by Wendell Castle
Molar Settee by Wendell Castle.

Via R Gallery – 20th Century Design.

Sotheby’s at Sudeley Castle (2): Concrete Chair by Wendell Castle

What’s in a name when a Castle exhibits a concrete chair in the garden of a real castle?

Concrete Chair by Wendell Castle.

American sculptor and furniture designer Wendell Castle is renowned for his remarkable level of craftsmanship and innovative use of materials, including fiberglass, wood, concrete and plastic. Concrete Chair. is a highly tactile work which has been cast in concrete, its surface articulated by the subtle brilliance of tiny mineral particles recalling ancient porphyry. With their highly biomorphic contours, these chairs invite tactile interaction and demonstrate an almost animate presence – as if emulating the fluid, graceful contours of a Manta Ray, or emanating from the cache of Science Fiction imagery. In this work a tripod base supports an organic, enshrouding seat forming a silhouette which blurs the distinctions between a high art sculpture and utilitarian design object. Indeed, the artist himself observed, ‘the significant thing about my work is not what it is made of but what it is. I would like always to be free to explore all aspects of the useful objects we refer to as ‘furniture’.’


Sotheby’s has teamed up with London Based carpenters workshop gallery and organized an outdoor sales exposition in the magnificent garden of Sudeley Castle in the Cotswolds (UK). Many chairs and benches are featured until August 1, 2010.

Night on Earth by Wendell Castle

Night on Earth by Wendell Castle Wendell Castle

New York’s barry friedman gallery recently opened an exhibition of new work by wendell castle. the show will continue until june 21st, featuring new limited edition works in a variety of materials such as bronze, steel and aluminum. pieces include night on earth, a stainless steel chaise lounge and nirvana chair features the latest evolution in castle’s fiberglass work.

Images courtesy of Barry Friedman ltd.

Via Designboom.

Nirvana Chair by Wendell Castle

Wendell Castle will be showing some new works of sculptural furniture at Barry Friedman from May 1, including this fibreglass Nirvana chair finished in iridescent automobile-grade urethane that seems to change colour.
via MoCo Loco: MoCo Submissions