Feichtner Design: Axiome Chair

The Axiome Chair, 2006, aluminum, powder coated.

About Buchegger, Denoth and Feichter Design

The Austrian designers Bernhard Buchegger, Michael Denoth and Thomas Feichtner, based in Linz, Austria, understand “Axiome” as a counter strategy to an economically motivated concept of design. Instead of creating objects according to economic criteria, they search for a strategy apart of globalization and mass production. Their work is dominated by cultural and artistic aspects of design, by formal development as well as a break with the concept of design as a function of purpose. According to them the future lies with products having a regional and cultural reference, fabricated by way of small-scale manufacture.

Buchegger, Denoth, Feichtner declare the definition of “industrial design” as being obsolete and predict a movement back to “manufactories”.

Via Elit Alice and Elit Alice | Trendhunter

More of them him to follow.

Update November 17, 2009:

Somebody informed me that there was a mistake here: BD and F are an advertising agency and Thomas Feichtner has his own site

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