Sezz chair by Christophe Pillet


Sezz Chair

In 2009 I stayed at the Hotel Sezz in Paris with my family to celebrate my 60ieth. Sezz was in the process of developing a new hotel in Saint Tropez. Although I noticed their eye for detail and certain fine chairs, little I knew they would go so far as to have Christophe Pillet design a whole new chair for them, produced by Emeco…A French designer and a French hotel and a US based manufacturer is a surprise;-)

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Emeco uses Tumblr for Chairvertizing – 111 Chair Project

I love it when an old family owned company like Emeco tries new venues. For its 111 Chairs Project it gave 111 influencers 111 type 111 chairs and interviewed them at the same time….The interviews can be found on 111 Navy Chairs, a Tumblr Blog.

I feature the Kirk Dina interview as it fits our Chairchez L’Homme series perfectly.

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Director and Storyteller, Kirk Dianda is best known for his ability to intimately capture people and their story on film. With a passion for skateboarding, his first creative pursuit straight out of high school was 411VM, a skateboard video magazine. The success of 411, launched an industry of its own, producing films and videos, video game content, commercials, music and music videos, with Kirk as the Creative Director.

For a peek into his world, check out his avant-garde blog; OPP (Other People’s Posts), an ongoing collection of likable products and stories, stolen from throughout the web on a daily basis.

Kirk Dinda thanks Emeco here

via 111navychairs – Kirk Dianda.

The Stronger the Lady (Britney), The Stronger the Chair (Emeco)?

I looove beautiful ladies. They are frequently used to advertise chairs. Not for nothing have I coined a category here on the blog Chairchez La Femme thereby abusing the French “chercher” which means “to seek”, to express “look for the lady”, “look at the lady” or even maybe “watch out for the lady” …rather than the chair;-)

Britney Spear (ab)uses an Emeco Navy chair extensively in a recent video clip of her song Stronger. What better promotion can a chair manufacturer whish?

Thank you Jan

Emeco Goes Green : The 111 Coca Cola Pet Bottles Navy Chair

This photo from a post at Design Paris

The bottom of the seat reads:

When you recycle a plastic bottle, you’re doing something good. When you recycle 111 of them, you’re doing something great!

Firsts Emeco went nude, then they went light, then wood and now they are going red…err green:

Do Drink 111 Coca Cola Pet Bottles empty and bring them to Emeco who will use them for 60% of their reincarnated 111 Navy Chair. On Show in Milan Next week


After four years of work, we have created a new Navy Chair made of 111 recycled plastic PET bottles (about 65% post consumer content). We designed The 111 Navy Chair ® to have the attributes of the original aluminum version – super strong, durable and comfortable, but now its also warm, colorful and about half the price of the aluminum one (195₤). We expect to use about 3,000,000 plastic beverage bottles each year in production, which will start in June 2010.

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Tuyomyo Bench by Frank Gehry

I featured Emeco’s Tuyomyo Bench by Frank Gehry earlier, but got a special from Emeco after I had asked for a photo of Frank Gehry and Emeco’s owner together on the Tuyomyo Bench. That was published in a Wallpaper* issue of last year. Alas it was copyrighted, but now I have a second best: The Tuyomyo Bench with the daughter of the owner as a model:-)